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Latest projects


Formwork for casting tunnels

Machinery used as support for the creation of tunnels. Complete handling equipment by hydraulic system.
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Slag refining grate

Slag refining grate deriving from the treatment of special waste complete with discharge system.
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Telecommunication antenna reflector structure

For an important US company, Carpenteria Colombo will build 27 reticular structures with a diameter...
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Structure for Telescope optics movement

Structure for the movement of the optics of a Telescope built for an important astrophysical...
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Rotary kiln

Rotary kiln for special waste treatment complete with rolling rings and bases with motorized rollers...
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Deslagger to cool and compact the ashes deriving from the combustion process in a waste-to-energy...
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Offshore Tower

Carpentry for support turret for Offshore type cranes. An important component on which the supporting...
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Circular warehouse structure

High-precision automatic circular warehouse structure. The structure created consists of a circular magazine where the...
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Grate and exhaust system

Finishing grate for waste-to-energy plant with rotary kiln complete with cooling, hydraulic and electric system.
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Transportable container complete with antenna type 5M5

Motorized opening container for telecommunications antenna housing type 5M5. Important project that provides for the...
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