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Know us


Our history

It was 1979 when Ferruccio Colombo started his own company, which initially operated in the field of carpentry construction, warehouses and industrial plants.
The development is gradual and constant: in the eighties Carpenteria Colombo grew both in size and in terms of technical capabilities, also stimulated by a market in search of ever greater specializations and by the constantly increasing demand for parts of quality industrial plants.
Success is not long in coming and not only in the field of subcontracting of plant parts, but also in the field of customized and turnkey supplies, which will gradually become the core business of Carpenteria Colombo.
In fact, development continues in the following decades and the company becomes an all-round partner that guarantees a complete design service, from the execution of workshop drawings to the development and detailed design of the customer’s studies, which precedes the subsequent production thanks to the supervision of the different process phases.

Quality controlled

In the logic of continuous improvement that guides all its activity, Carpenteria Colombo has long certified its quality system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.
The production departments of Carpenteria Colombo are equipped with the most up-to-date processing systems. The cutting stations, the centers for mechanical processing and a complete set of welding machines are manned and used by qualified operators.

Constant innovation

Carpenteria Colombo believes that the tension for innovation must be constant. For this reason, and to ensure a response always in line with the most demanding segment of the market, a part of the turnover is annually allocated to the innovation of processes and products with investments in infrastructure, machinery, digitalization and development of internal skills.
A choice rewarded by the growth that over time has always remained constant.

Tailor-made products

Capitalizing on the experience gained over the years, Carpenteria Colombo has specialized in the development and supply of highly customized and turnkey products.
Directly overseeing a complete series of construction phases – from the first processing to basting and welding, from the machine tool processing phases to those of surface treatment – Carpenteria Colombo guarantees maximum customization, flexibility and a considerable reduction in product realization times.

Our departments

The search for maximum flexibility and optimization of the times related to each construction phase has led to the internal division of the departments targeted, so that there is a shared logic in the development of orders.

From the basting of the carpentry, from the welding phases, mechanical processing, assemblies and functional tests, up to painting.

Each working group is an essential part of the soul of the company, each product is born from shared teamwork.

Our technicians

Being part of a group means being an important link in the company.

Increasingly demanding markets in terms of quality and tight delivery times have led to the refinement and specialization of workers, global competitiveness has pushed in the direction of continuous improvement, our technicians are an essential part of it.