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Products division

Crane components

Crane components

Carrier and stabilizers

Load-bearing part of the entire crane, the base on which all the components will be mounted.

Lower, intermediate and upper columns

Construction of the supporting columns to be mounted on the carrier.

Drums and winches

Realization of the drums for the winding of the ropes and the support parts of the lifting winches.


Our workers are able to face important challenges, customers know they can count on professionalism and confidence in facing increasingly ambitious projects.

  • Large handling spaces
  • Department "submerged arch" welding for large components
  • Workers trained in the management of heavy carpentry products

Certifications and quality

Offering large products according to design tolerances highlights the extraordinary skills of our workers. Being able to certify a product in compliance with the needs of the project is a security that even the most demanding customers appreciate for years of consolidated collaboration.


Thanks to the large structures and the “submerged arc” welding department, Carpenteria Colombo is able to meet the requests of the most demanding customers in terms of important sized products. Components of port and off-shore cranes are the demonstration that talking about heavy carpentry is part of our D.N.A.