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Products division



Combustion grates

Design and construction of turnkey combustion grids for waste-to-energy plants.

Rotary ovens and screens

Construction of rotary furnaces and screens for waste-to-energy plants.

Sading hopper and feeders

Construction of collection hoppers for filters or combustion grids, feeders.


Competence, reliability, many years of experience lead Carpenteria Colombo to be among the best manufacturers of grids for waste-to-energy plants and rotary furnaces, the most demanding customers now know they can count on safe and reliable products over time.

  • Thirty years of experience
  • Standardized products
  • Reliability and guarantee of quality over time

Certifications and quality

The quality of the products goes hand in hand with the most stringent requests in terms of documentation regarding machines designed, designed and built to operate 24 hours a day in perpetual motion.


In the field of waste-to-energy plants, energy transformations and recycling, Carpenteria Colombo is synonymous with reliability over time and safety. Combustion grilles, rotary furnaces and heat exchangers are now a standard and a flagship of the company.