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Products division

Aerospace and defence

Aerospace and defence

Telecommunications antennas

Construction of supporting structures for azimuth, elevation and tilt handling, internal mechanical assembly.

Reflector structures

Tubular lattices for reflectors support.

Components of telescopes for space research

Construction of rotating supports for auxiliary optics, azimuth platforms and elevation structures.


Carpenteria Colombo has gained twenty years of experience in the construction of antennas and telescopes for third parties, we are the ideal and consolidated partner of the most globally recognized multinationals and universities in the aerospace field.

  • Twenty years of experience
  • Standardized targeted construction phases
  • Mechanical department and handling test

Certifications and quality

In the aerospace field, reliability and precision are an integral part of the type of product, the construction and assembly phases go hand in hand with the latest standards and certifications required.


The distance between present and future is now increasingly reduced, the telecommunications market and the evolution of the transmission of information and images in space, have led to a significant increase in machines suitable for doing so.