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Management system certificate


Our certifications

The evolution and continuous development of technologies, the multiple increasingly stringent and complex market demands have led Carpenteria Colombo to refine its internal processes in order to guarantee its customers high quality supplies and process management systems and documents in accordance with the required regulations.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 3834-2


For this reason Carpenteria Colombo has obtained the necessary certifications to be able to comply with the multiple needs and challenges that the global market demands.

In the search for continuous improvement, Carpenteria Colombo, thanks to the support of the European Regional Development Fund, has introduced the visual inspection system with the aid of a software based on augmented reality “SuPAR”.

An important step aimed at verifying the parts created by superimposing the three-dimensional model on what was actually built, framing it through the cameras of a tablet on which the application is installed.

This has allowed a precision and an inspection speed unthinkable until recently.