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Products division



Burners and torches

Oil & Gas sector, construction of burners and torches for pilot flames.

Heat exchangers

Construction of heat exchangers with tube bands.

Combustion chambers

Realization of combustion chambers complete with refractory insulation.


The machines for calendering or bending sheet metal are able to obtain important diameters and complex shapes for the realization of tanks or artifacts used for processes related to energy production.

  • Machines for calendering or bending sheets
  • Plasma and oxygen cutting
  • Leak tests carried out internally

Certifications and quality

Carpenteria Colombo Ferruccio has proven over time to be able to meet the demands of the most demanding customers by gaining the necessary experience to guarantee a high quality standard in the construction of products of complex shapes and watertightness.


In the energy sector Carpenteria Colombo is a reliable partner in the execution of products of complex geometries and containment tanks.