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Products division




Construction of chimney for fumes evacuation and steam.

Tubular structures for advertising billboards

Realization of complex lattice structures for signs and billboards.

Support structures

Construction of support structures and industrial warehouses.


The ability to build complex structures counting on experience and reliability, makes Carpenteria Colombo the ideal partner company for any request.

  • Construction of structures for third parties
  • On-site pre-assemblies
  • Assembly execution

Certifications and quality

Complex modular structures require experience and construction precision. Carpenteria Colombo has gained over time the skills necessary to produce modular parts, guaranteeing quality and precision in assembly in the field.


Compound beams and tubular structures, give shape to their ideas and create articulated industrial and civil structures. Carpenteria Colombo is able to realize the most ambitious requests, starting from the customer project up to the assembly on site.